Hello, friend.

First things first, Mr. Robot is the greatest show of this era. I’m still thinking about the finale daily. What a great finish to a show that kept us guessing the entire time. The character arcs, the use of negative space to portray what is going on in the minds of the characters, the shot selection and execution. Sheesh! Season 4 had a lot of experimental episodes that were quite stylized but somehow meshed together seamlessly. What a great show!

I’m Benson Greene. I guess I’m the Mr. Robot of Event Buzz Media… or the Elliot, or maybe the Darlene actually. I wear a few hats. Darlene is my favorite character on TV in the last billion years by the way. Check out the show.

Moving on, Event Buzz Media is my way of providing quality content for your brand. We specialize in trade shows, conferences, and brand promos. We have also worked with the fine folks at Cindicate Productions to produce short films and a feature titled Down and Yonder. You can check out the trailer here.

I enjoy people and making them happy. Trade shows and other events are so nice because hardworking people get out of the office and get to visit a new city and see their peers, their friends, their mentors in a place outside of the office. They get to catch up, explore new cities, make new connections, do great business. It is fun! I thoroughly enjoy the energy!

Our goal is to capture that energy and information and put it into video form to serve as a catalyst for more business, more connections, more fun. There is nothing like hearing a lunch crowd roar when they see their industry peers engaging in a sword fight with baguettes. Further, we capture presentations from industry leaders. We shoot interviews with attendees, vendors, and those sharing cutting edge information in the industry. We pride ourselves in jumping in, getting engaged, and really understanding your event and industry so that we can provide relevant, entertaining media that will outlast your show and get people ready and excited for the next big event.

We love what we do and cannot wait to conjure up some content for you!
Hello, world!

Event Buzz Media is here for you!

Benson Greene

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