KW in Dallas and TACOS

First of all, we must talk about these tacos. The burritos were amazing; the tacos were next level extraordinary. Mami Coco is one of my new favorite spots to eat. That’s an all time list kind of note there.

The service was beyond what you see most places. We were greeted with great warmth and guided through the menu. Everything looked good, so we just went with the suggestions. This place really feels like you’re eating at a friend’s house, a good friend’s house… except your friends are nicer and much better cooks.

The food looked very good. Then I ate it. Then I decided it was blog worthy. I had the barbacoa and the tripa. Both were absolutely outstanding. The tacos and burritos looked simple, but the freshness and flavor was beyond anything I’ve had anywhere else. That’s a 5/5. EASY. It was so good that I went back two nights later. It was even better the second time.

This post is supposed to be more about the Keller Williams Family Reunion 2020, but I really needed to let the world know about Mami Coco. So, back to the reason we were in Dallas. We were operating the KW Social Studio at their 2020 conference. KW is launching a new user friendly app that connects you to agents seemlessly. You can search by zip, neighborhood, commute time, and all sorts of ways that make buying and selling a lot easier.

We operated KW Social Studio where agents were able to shoot videos, gifs, and boomerang type photos in order to spread the word about their new app rolling out this week. We ended up with over 1000 pieces of content for realtors to share. That is spreading the WORD. We had people lined up throughout the hall wanting to get content.

Some recited scripts we had available. Some freestyled. Some used props. Others just went crazy. It was a fun and valuable experience for us all.

But those tacos were HITTIN.’

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